About Us

Evolution Industry Concepts (EIC) is a Baltimore based consulting company which specializes in beverage inventory management. EIC can calculate your liquor cost and help lower your monetary outputs. This is accomplished by implementing our Suggested Order Quantity programs along with other time and money saving processes customized to your needs.

Do you find yourself:

· Dreading taking inventory

· Your inventory process is arduous, boring and time consuming – yet markedly error prone

· Overlooking items in your rush to get the inventory completed

· Overstock of infrequently used products which are tying up your budget.

· Missing popular items – loosing money and patrons by being poorly stocked

· Wondering where all of the money has gone!

EIC creates a timely and accurate inventory of beverages and other products that allow an establishment to maximize available liquid capitol.”

High liquor costs are invariably the result of not having a reliable and accountable inventory process or system. Without an inventory system an establishment can incur losses without being able to identify the source and implement a solution.

What is inventory? Inventory is the value of goods that are held by an establishment to supply a process of manufacturing or other process in which the establishment is participating. Think of your bar as a manufacturing facility that manufacturing drinks (There are many other factors that affect your drinks sales not taken in account in this example). Your bottles behind the bar and in storage are your inventory and your bartenders are the workers creating the product to be consumed. Your inventory serves to keep your bartenders supplied with the raw materials (liquor and beer) to produce a product (an opened bottle or completed drink) for sale in order to generate a profit.