The Process

Inventory losses (unaccounted for products) have always been a major obstacle in the hospitality arena as well as the hardest to track. Inventory done right is an arduous, time consuming, boring and tedious job that takes all day to really do correctly. Most owners never do it because they simply do not have the time nor the tools to do so. Even though this results in heavy financial losses throughout the year!

WHAT TO DO? Let EIC do your inventory for you. EIC has a specifically designed programs and processes that will keep you, the owner, informed. The process is relatively simple. An EIC representative will sit with you and based on what you want a list will be made of all of the products that you carry within your establishment along with prices and bottles sizes. Once the preliminary process is complete, EIC will do a complete sweep of the inventory in the establishment at an agreed upon time and then again at an agreed upon interval.

WHY EIC? There are many devices available to track inventory. For example, barcodes on the sides of the bottles with scanners or expensive scales with equally expensive programs for those scales along with several other methods. These gadgets drive up costs to you the customer. They are cumbersome to use and need to be constantly updated. The result – relying on a process which is not user friendly and will ultimately be expensive and unreliable. EIC uses a newly developed system for measuring the amount left in your liquor bottles. After the first few audit cycles, overstocked items will become apparent as well as items which are under ordered. The point is to keep your cash liquid in the bank not in the bottle.

You will be presented with a report which contains all of the information related to your inventory. Reports are on average five pages which are simple to read and straight to the point. EIC does not try to “wow” with fancy reports in order to justify a high price. We would rather “wow” you with an efficient and effective inventory along with extra cash that you have in your budget.